Animal husbandry and breeding has always been in scope of my interest and that is why I graduated from the Animal Breeding and Production Department of the Animal Science Faculty at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW) in Warsaw, Poland.
In my farm, there live horses, goats, cats, hens, as well as dogs, certainly. I find a breeding job, which strengthens and unifies certain desirable animal features, to be strongly valuable. Moreover, animals that you may develop a close relationship with not only with “the carrot or stick approach”, do fascinate me.
I am aware that it is possible to create a wonderful human-animal bond basing on everyday, spontaneous, unforced contacts.
My beloved animals are my friends, I never forget about them.

Being keen on all dog breeds, particularly I am interested in Polish Greyhound and Polish Tatra Sheepdog breeding. However, PONs (Polish Lowland Sheepdogs) are my love.

My first meeting with PONs took place at the „Z Kuny” kennel founded by Katarzyna Jaroszynska. I was absolutely charmed by Hetman z Matecznika Diany. His outstanding character and presence impressed me a lot. I simply desired to have and breed such dogs. This is how my adventure with cynology and PONs has started.



"z Winory" kennel
Zbigniew Zadroga
phone: + 48 29 757 81 69
mobile: + 48 609 555 676
mail: zzadroga@op.pl